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Stop by The Blue Diamond and experience the celebration of life in our First Impressions fingerprint jewelry line.
With these prints, your loved ones are never far away. 
You can be reminded of their touch always!

Explore a whole new way to make a lasting impression. What better gift could there be than a touch from someone you want to have close to you forever?
 your loved ones close to your heart by wearing their fingerprint!

Whether your fingerprint jewelry is worn by a new mom... by a spouse of a distant soldier... in support of someone with a life threatening illness... or in memory of someone who has passed... this jewelry reflects the notion, "I need you to be with me always"

Make a memory that lasts forever... fingerprint jewelry... now at The Blue Diamond.
Please Note:  
It takes 7-10 days for processing. 
Prices are subject to change with the gold market. 
Not all items are in stock. Please allow time for shipping.