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Only a handful of the worlds jewelers are allowed inside Antwerp's exclusive diamond district, and The Blue Diamond is one of them. Mary and Gary do the Antwerp promotional trip once a year, searching for the best buys the diamond district can offer.
Antwerp Belgium is the home of the worlds largest diamond market. On past trips, The Blue Diamond saved customers thousands of dollars by selecting only the very best diamonds at the lowest cost available.
While in Antwerp, Mary and Gary examine and select only the most intriguing diamonds from the millions offered in this exclusive marketplace. The diamonds we bring back will reflect the substantial savings we're able to receive as international diamond importers.
If you have an interest in a particular quality of diamond, please contact us, and we will search Antwerp for the perfect diamond just for you.
Find the perfect loose diamond for your ring!
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Keep in mind, the pictures are zoomed in under a scope so you can see all the characteristics of the diamond. 

We are more than happy to show you any diamonds and we can get any diamond you have in mind to look at. 
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